Technology Development and Applications

Technology Development and Applications

The NOC is a pioneer of ocean technology - pushing the boundaries of endurance and capability every single time we make a deployment. Though decades of hard won experience at the forefront of ocean measurement, the lessons we have learned are carried forward to generation after generation of ocean-going platforms and sensors.

The methods of tidal prediction used today across the entire world were conceived by us. The thousands of Argo floats in the world’s oceans have their origins in the Swallow Float, developed by us in the 1960’s. We deployed one of the world’s first autonomous underwater vehicles in the mid 1990s, and more recently have been pioneering the use of co-ordinated fleets of autonomous underwater and surface vehicles. We have tens of thousands of hours of successful autonomous missions to our name.

This legacy is fuelling today’s innovation. We continue to develop technologies which enable us to have a persistent presence in the ocean, and through our Marine Robotics Innovation Centre, these technologies are now developed in partnership with some of the UK's, and the world’s, leading commercial companies.

The impact of this continuous innovation is our ability to make more measurements, ever more cost effectively and in increasingly challenging environments. We are also contributing to the economic growth of the sector in the UK through the creation of high skilled jobs and by attracting overseas investment.


Marine Robotics Innovation Centre

Where science meets business - bringing together a range of industries to develop the next generation of marine autonomous technology.


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