National Marine Equipment Pool

National Marine Equipment Pool

The National Marine Equipment Pool (NMEP) is the largest centralised marine scientific equipment pool in Europe with a diverse range of scientific instruments and equipment capable of sampling from the sea surface to the deep ocean.

Suitable for studying a range of scientific disciplines, the NMEP holds more than 10,000 instruments and technologies, and provides scientists with access to skilled marine technicians and engineers. As part of our national capability remit, the NMEP delivers professional technological support to enable the marine science community to carry out world-class research.

Our people specialise in procurement, preparation, operation, deployment, repair, maintenance and calibration of the equipment that we provide to scientists for research expeditions. Technicians and engineers based at the NOC are responsible for instrumentation in the NMEP. Great care and attention to detail goes into the preparation of instruments for scientific expeditions to ensure that the instruments operate both reliably and consistently to provide the highest quality of data for our scientists. We also liaise with the international scientific community to provide advice and expertise towards design of future equipment using new technologies.

Equipment within the National Marine Equipment Pool is available for use by the marine science community. Contact us for more information or to arrange commercial hire of our instruments and vehicles.

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Location of our vehicles

Find out where our vehicles are and the projects they are involved in by visiting our Vehicle Tracker. Regular updates allow you to track the progression of our vehicles and research expeditions.


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