National Marine Facilities


Advances in ocean science depend on making measurements in the ocean. Satellite observations are only able to provide data for the surface layer of the ocean. To penetrate beyond the surface, scientists are still dependent on in-situ physical measurements. Measurements are taken using a range of platforms including research ships, ocean observatories, moorings and autonomous underwater and surface vehicles.

The NOC provides these facilities to the whole UK marine research community as a centralised and cost-effective resource via the National Marine Equipment Pool. While the ships are the most obvious component of this, the National Marine Equipment Pool is especially important in providing a full suite of equipment available for oceanographic research.

We also have a range of informative facilities such as the National Oceanographic Library and the Discovery Collections, as well as workshops, laboratories and testing facilities, and host a selection of data facilities.


Data Facilities

Our science produces data. Our facilities store these data and make them available to the marine science community


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National Oceanographic Library

A national resource for the UK marine and earth science community


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Discovery Collections

The Discovery Collections comprises benthic and pelagic samples from many areas of the world's oceans.

It is the only collection consisting solely of deep-sea and open ocean invertebrates in the UK and provides vital insight into the species that live at extreme ocean depths.


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