Doctorial Training Partnerships

SPITFIRE – the Southampton Partnership for Innovative Training of Future Investigators Researching the Environment

SPITFIRE is a NERC Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP) led by the University of Southampton in collaboration with hosting partners to create an innovative multi-disciplinary experience for the effective training of future leaders in environmental science, engineering, technology development, business, and policy.

NEXUSS – Next Generation Unmanned Systems Science

NEXUSS is a NERC/EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training, led by the University of Southampton, in the use of Smart and Autonomous Observing Systems (SAOS) to tackle major challenges in the environmental sciences where progress requires real-time, continuous, sustained and high-resolution observations. The NEXUSS Partnership is at the forefront of UK research and training excellence in the development and environmental application of SAOS. NEXUSS doctoral training is underpinned by a sustained stream of SAOS experiments across all of Earth’s environments, including the most remote and challenging.

Oxford Doctoral Training Programme in Environmental Research

The NOC is a partner in the Oxford DTP in Environmental Research, which offers a world class, multidisciplinary training environment for the next generation of researchers working at the frontiers of Environmental Research. The NOC is engaged with the theme of the physical climate system, with the aim of securing joint PhD students for suitable research using output from our high resolution global models. Our areas of interest include ocean and climate variability and the relevant dynamical processes. The NOC has been represented at the annual student workshops, has hosted a visit by a small group of interested students, and is actively talking with potential supervisors at Oxford University. 

Manchester and Liverpool Doctorial Training Programme

The NOC is the host partner of the Manchester and Liverpool Doctorial Training Programme, a NERC funded training programme designed to train the next generation of environmental researchers focusing on the themes of atmosphere, ocean, earth and environmental sciences.

SENSE - Centre for Satellite Data in Environmental Science

This Earth Observation CDT is an exciting new centre funded by the Natural Environment Research Council and the UK Space Agency, that wil train 50 PhD students to tackle cross-disciplinary environmental problems, by applying state-of-the-art data science methods to the deluge of satellite data collected each day.  Our graduates will be supervised by a consortium of world-leading data companies.  By training a new generation of industry-experienced satellite data specialists, we will support the growing strategic importance of remote sensing within the UK space sector, and enhance the UK's profile as an international leader in Earth Observation science.