National Capability

National Capability

National capability lets the UK deliver world-leading environmental science, support national strategic needs, and respond to emergencies. The NOC, other NERC research centres and other service and facilities providers, play a leading role in managing and delivering this capability for the UK.

The NOC’s role in relation to this provision is:

Large Research Infrastructure

The NOC operates Large Research Infrastructure for use by the UK's marine science community and international partners. This includes the Royal Research Ships, the National Marine Equipment Pool, the infrastructure (including workshops, laboratories, testing facilities and warehouses) and the mariners, technicians, engineers, project managers, logisticians and operation's managers that deliver NERC's Marine Facilities Programme:

National Capability Long Term Science

We focus on large scale long term science concerned with basin/decadal variability of the ocean, we do this through programmes of:

Sustained ocean observations contributing to the global ocean observing system

Global and regional scale ocean and ecosystem model development

Integrated sea floor and habitat mapping

Development of technologies, especially sensors and autonomous vehicles to transform continuous global scale measurement of the ocean

  • Sensors
  • Autonomous Vehicles
  • Myrtle-X 10 Platform
  • Acoustic Telemetry

We undertake some of this science through programmes involving multiple NERC research centres, where we are integrating ocean science into broader earth systems science:

  • ORCHESTRA (Ocean Regulation of Climate through Heat and Carbon Sequestration and Transports)
  • LOCATE (Land Ocean Carbon Transfer)
  • ACSIS (North Atlantic Climate System: Integrated Study)
  • UKESM (UK Earth System Modelling Project)

An increasing emphasis of our National Capability remit is to provide science in support of the UK’s international development agenda, through official development assistance (ODA) funding.

  • Global Marine Science in Support of Developing Coastal and Island Economies (foundation award)

Services, Facilities and Data

The NOC operates a number of UK facilities:

National and Public Good

The research we undertake underpins our advice to government and our national and international scientific and coordination roles.