Consultation Contributions

The NOC regularly responds to public consultations, enquiries and parliamentary questions. As well as responding individually, we also seek to produce a coordinated response from the marine science community working mainly through our NOC Association partners, but sometimes in collaboration with devolved administrations in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, as well as with our colleagues in Europe. We also provide input to both NERC and RCUK coordinated responses. We provide responses in the following areas: Marine Spatial Planning and Licensing Marine Renewable Energy Deep Seafloor Minerals Carbon Capture and Storage/Geoengineering Fisheries Climate UK and European Policy (e.g. the Marine Strategy Framework Directive) Alien Invasive Species Government Strategy Education

We provide responses in the following areas:

  • Marine Spatial Planning and Licensing
  • Marine Renewable Energy
  • Deep Seafloor Minerals
  • Carbon Capture and Storage/Geoengineering
  • Fisheries
  • Climate
  • UK and European Policy (e.g., the Marine Strategy Framework Directive)
  • Alien Invasive Species
  • Government Strategy
  • Education

There are currently no open consultations

Closed Consultations

This table shows the closed consultations where the NOC has provided a public position paper, as examples of the international work we carry out as an organisation.

Type Year Title
Parliamentary 2019 Carbon Capture Usage and Storage Ahead of Government Spending Review
Government 2019 Future frameworks for international collaboration on research and innovation
Parliamentary 2019 Climate Change and Fisheries
Parliamentary 2019 Coastal flooding and adaptation to climate change
Parliamentary 2019 Environment (Governance and Principles) Bill
Government 2018 Geospatial Commission: Call For Evidence Response Questionnaire
Parliamentary 2018 Sustainable Seas Inquiry
Parliamentary 2018 The Changing Arctic Inquiry
European Commission 2018 Public consultation on EU funds in the area of investment, research & innovation, SMEs and single market
Parliamentary 2018 Brexit science and innovation Summit Inquiry
Other 2017 UK's role in Arctic sustainability
Parliamentary 2017 Ocean Acidification
Parliamentary 2016 Science and Technology Select Committee: inquiry into Satellites and Space: request for input into RAS submission
Parliamentary 2016 Leaving the EU: implications and opportunities for science and research
European Commission 2015 EU Ocean Governance
Parliamentary 2015 The Big Data Dilemma
Parliamentary 2015 The Government’s approach to sustainable development
Government 2015 Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD): proposals for UK programme of measures
European Commission 2015 EU survey on Earth Observation in a Global Context
NERC 2015 Spending Review
Government 2015 MMO licencing by the Secretary of State
Other 2015 NERC new polar research vessel: consultation on science requirements
Parliamentary 2014 Environmental Effects of Fracking
Parliamentary 2014 Fuelling the Debate: Energy and Climate Change Committee successes and Future Challenges
European Commission 2014 Public Consultation on Streamlining EU Funding in the European Arcitc
European Commission 2014 Consultation on Horizon 2020 Science with and for Society Work Programme 2016–2017
Parliamentary 2014 House of Lords Select Committee on the Arctic call for evidence
Parliamentary 2014 Beyond Aid: The Future UK  Approach to Development
Parliamentary 2014 Environmental Audit Select Committee Inquiry on an Environmental Scorecard – NERC response
Government 2014 Creating the future: a 2020 vision for science and research – a consultation on proposals for long-term capital investment in science and research
European Commission 2014 Stakeholder consultation of the Horizon 2020 Societal Challenge 5
European Commission 2014 Stakeholder consultation on seabed mining 
International 2014 International Seabed Authority Stakeholder Questionnaire 2014
Government 2014 Committee on Climate Change call for evidence
Government 2014 Welsh Marine Plan stataement of public participation
Government 2014 Waste Management Consultation – NERC response
International 2014 Online survey on how well OSPAR communicates outwardly
Government 2014 DEFRA consultation on Proposed UK Marine Monitoring Programmes under the European Marine Strategy Framework Directive
International 2013 Survey on the Regional Committee for the Central Indian Ocean (IOCINDIO)
Government 2013 Environemnt Agency and Natural England Questionnaire
Parliamentary 2013 What is NOC doing on sustainability requirements?: Environmental Audit Committee, Department of Business Innovation and Skills Oral Evidence Session
Government 2013 Response to Defra consultation on first tranche of Marine Conservation Zones
Government 2013 Marine Management Organisation licensing of marine scientific activity exemptions
Parliamentary 2013 House of Commons International Development Committee Inquiry into Global Food Security
Parliamentary 2013 House of Commons Select Committee on Energy and Climate Change inquiry into Carbon Capture and Storage
Parliamentary 2013 House of Lords, Science and Technology Committee Inquiry into Scientific Infrastructure
Parliamentary 2013 RCUK response to House of Commons Science & Technology Committee inquiry into Public Understanding of Climate Change: consultation response
International 2013 Future of the UNESCO Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission: completion of a questionnaire
Government 2013 A strategic overview of contaminated land in Wales: a Welsh Government scoping paper: consultation response
Parliamentary 2013 House of Commons Energy and Climate Change Committee Inquiry into the IPCC 5th Assessment Report: RCUK contribution
Parliamentary 2013 RCUK response to House of Commons Science and Technology Committee inquiry into European and UK Space Agencies
Parliamentary 2012 House of Commons Marine Science Inquiry
International 2012 Seas-ERA. A draft Marine Research Plan for the European Atlantic Sea Basin: consultation response
Government 2012 A Severn Barrage: UK Energy and Climate Change Select Committee Enquiry: consultation response
Parliamentary 2012 Input to Environmental Audit Committee Inquiry on (British) Overseas Territories
Government 2012 Marine Strategy Framework Directive: NOC input to 2012 Department for Food, Environment and Rural Affairs consultation
Government 2012 Department of Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) Impacts of Foresight ‘Migration and Global Environment Change’ Report: NOC input to consultation
European Commission 2012 Marine Knowledge 2020 consultation on future of European Marine Mapping
Government 2012 Office for National Statistics consultation on ‘Accounting for the value of nature in the UK’: input to consultation
European Commission 2012 European Commission. Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Consultation on Blue Growth: sustainable growth from the oceans, seas and coasts: NOC input to consultation
Other 2012 Development of ‘Marine Scientist career pathway’ for the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science & Technology (IMarEST): input to the pathway
Government 2012 UK Agri-tech Strategy: Input to the Department of Business Innovation Skills Call for Evidence
Government 2011 Foreign and Commonwealth Office Overseas Terriotries
Government 2011 Scotland Marine Licencing Consultation
Parliamentary 2011 House of Commons Science and Technology Committee inquiry into the Science in the Met Office.
Parliamentary 2011 Science in the Met Office, written evidence
International 2011 Draft response to Lord Hunt of Chesterton regarding the NERC consultations with UN on ‘distributing iron particles in the ocean’
European Commission 2010 JPI Questionnaire
Government 2010 Living Wales Environmetnal Framework – A NOC BGS response
Government 2010 UK Marine Policy Statement: A draft for consultation
Government 2010 NOCS response to DBIS Consultation on UK Civil Space Activities
Government 2010 Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009: Consultation on Secondary Legislation for the Marine Licensing System
Government 2010 Consultation on a Marine Planning System for England
Government 2009 Comments from the natural environment research council in response to the Severn tidal power phase one consultation
Government 2009 Consultation on secondary legislation for England and Wales under the Marine and Coastal Access Bill: Part 4 Marine Licensing
Government 2009 Delivering Marine Conservation and Zones and European Marine Sites 
European Commission 2009 EMODNET Questionnaire
European Commission 2009 Comments from the UK natural environment research council’s marine laboratories on the European commission consultation on the reform of the common fisheries policy
Government 2008 Response to “Sustainable Seas for All – A consultation on Scotland’s first marine bill”
Parliamentary 2008 NOCS response to the Innovation, Universities and Skills Committee inquiry into engineering
Government 2008 Joint Committee on the Draft Marine Bill Call for Evidence
International 2008 Future development of the IPCC
Parliamentary 2008 Invasive Alien Species – A European Concern
Government 2008 Environmental Audit Committee inquiry on Carbon Capture & Storage
Government 2008 Response to BERR Carbon Capture and Storage Consultation
European Commission 2008 Future directions in BBSRC-funded research relating to environmental change
Parliamentary 2008 House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee Inquiry into the designation of Marine Protected Areas
Parliamentary 2008 Parliamentary Committee comments on the draft Marine Bill
Government 2008 Our Seas a shared resource – NERC comments
Government 2008 Comments from NERC on the Draft Marine Bill
Government 2008 Memorandum from research councils UK (RCUK) in response to the royal commission on environmental pollution study: the environmental impacts of demographic change in the UK
Other 2008 Memorandum from research councils uk (rcuk) to the royal society geoengineering climate study
Government 2008 Comments from the natural environment research council on the draft marine bill of April 2008
European Commission 2007 Consultation response on the Green Paper issued by the Commission of the European Communities “European Research Area Green Paper: new perspectives”
Government 2007 Consultation on measures to protect marine biodiversity in Lyme bay from the impact of fishing with dredges and other towed gear.
European Commission 2007 Green Paper: Adaptation to Climate Change