European Marine Board

The NOC is an active member of the European Marine Board (EMB) which is a forum for scientists from across Europe to discuss scientific developments at the strategic level and develop shared positions on priorities for developments, to engage with funders of science and to facilitate communication between the science community and users of research evidence.

European Marine Board group photo 2017The European Marine Board is an important forum for research institutions across all of Europe to collaborate and identify emerging scientific issues and includes marine science representatives from member and non-member countries of the EU. The NOC has been an active supporter of the Board since the mid 1990s and the UK science community has made significant contributions to EMB reports in areas as diverse as Investigating Life in Extreme Environments, Future Marine Technology, Linking the Oceans and Human Health and Underwater Heritage of Europe.

The NOC is also part of the European Marine Board Communications Panel, which exchanges ideas on events, communication methods and best practice, assists EMB members in promoting and communicating marine science across Europe, communicates Marine Board activities and helps popularise marine science by advocating more ocean literacy. The group's Chair is NOC's Head of Communications, and the NOC hosted the 3rd International Marine Science Communication Conference, CommOCEAN, in December 2018.

European Marine Board Communications Panel, at Sopot in Spring 2016