About Our Organisation

About Our Organisation

From Coast to Deep Ocean – Making Sense of Changing Seas

Ocean science is big science and the problems it tackles are too great for any one nation acting alone. The UK has a long tradition as an ocean science pioneer with world leading capabilities and the NOC is one of the world's top oceanographic institutions. We provide the UK with the national capability needed to be a top global player and to lead and participate in international cooperations. The NOC undertakes world leading research in large scale oceanography and ocean measurement technology innovation. We work with Government and business to turn great science and technology into advice and applications. The NOC supports the UK science community based in universities and smaller research institutes with scientific facilities, research infrastructure and irreplaceable data assets - enabling the UK to harness the full power and diversity of its scientific talent in ocean science.  

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International and Strategic Partners

Ocean science is global science. We have international and strategic partners to help achieve our goals.


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