We make sense of the changing seas, on which future human prosperity and wellbeing depend

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By gaining a deeper knowledge of the ocean, we help every living thing on our planet flourish

As we grow into the role of an independent research organisation, we have evolved our brand to tell a more compelling, differentiating story with clarity of purpose and a distinctive look that takes inspiration from the ocean to enthuse, engage and enrol. Our aim at NOC is to build a world where everyone feels empowered and inspired to help our oceans thrive.

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Into the Blue Podcast

Into the Blue, a new podcast produced by the National Oceanography Centre, will dive deeper into a variety of hot topics relating to oceanography with a diverse selection of scientists who are all helping to enhance our knowledge of the ocean.

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NOC Annual Report and Finances

In our latest Annual Report and Financial Statements, we share the great success stories as the UK’s leading marine research charity, building a world where everyone feels empowered and inspired to help the Ocean thrive.

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The NOC provides Facilities to the UK Marine Research Community

Advances in ocean science depend on measurements in the ocean. Satellite observations provide data for the surface layer of the ocean. To penetrate beyond the surface, scientists rely on in situ physical measurements from a range of platforms, including research ships, ocean observatories, moorings, and autonomous underwater and surface vehicles.

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World-leading innovative Science and Technology underpinning the Ocean Economy

The National Oceanography Centre is in a unique position of having world-leading multi-disciplinary scientific and technical expertise which can help unlock the economic and societal potential of the ocean across a range of industry sectors.

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